Project Serenity Farms

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In 2014 My lovely wife and partner of 25 years and I are building a very small organic farm in Northern Michigan. The kids have successfully moved out and now it’s time for us. Oh, and our little dog, too. This is a down-sizing for us, and a chance to completely change our lifestyle. My wife and I are both self-employed so with that freedom from the corporate machine already in place, this move is possible.

More than a home in our minds, this project incorporates many things we feel are sorely needed in this world; less corporate dependence and a significant improvement in the quality of our food and environment. We will be rebuilding the soil of a 125 year old Cherry Orchard, which became a failed Apple Orchard and we will be using fantastically simple, fast, and inexpensive methods to introduce fertility to this very sandy soil. We’ll be growing our own food, generating our own energy, and hopefully encouraging someone else to consider the value of the message. My wife named the project the Serenity Farm. I guess if a fellow is free to pursue Happiness, then he can pursue Serenity also.